The government is considering to make the birthday celebration of Maharaja Hari Singh as a commemoration. Government is considering to make Maharaja Hari Singh’s birthday celebration as a commemoration

Digital Desk, Jammu. In a significant development, the Jammu and Kashmir government on Tuesday constituted a committee of senior officials to commemorate the birthday of Dogra Maharaja Hari Singh and the issue of observing it as a public holiday.

An order issued by the Jammu and Kashmir Administrative Department said that a 4-member committee headed by Principal Secretary General Administration Department will look into the issue of celebrating the birthday of late Dogra Maharaj Hari Singh. Maharaja Hari Singh was born on 23 September 1895 in the city of Jammu and died on 26 April 1961 in Mumbai.

There is a growing demand by the residents of Jammu, especially the Dogra Rajput community, to celebrate the birthday of the late Dogra Maharaj on an official scale and declare it a public holiday. The late Maharaja is seen as a symbol of Dogra pride and valor. Although the end of his rule in 1947 is celebrated as the Independence Day of Jammu and Kashmir.

In 1947, when the late Maharaja was negotiating a pact with India and Pakistan, the Afridi tribesmen had invaded the state and looted it with the support of Pakistan. Pakistan’s decision to encourage and support tribal invasion of Jammu and Kashmir in 1947 is believed to have been inspired by the efforts of late Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah, who negotiated the accession of a Muslim-majority state with India against the two-nation theory. Were were


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