The woman who made the video viral could not be traced – Ujjain News: The woman who made the video viral could not be traced

Publish Date: | Sun, 26 Jun 2022 11:13 PM (IST)

Police is now looking for the woman seen with the young man in the footage

Nagda Junction. The newlyweds, who went missing in the Chambal river by making the video viral, have not been found even after two days. There is a possibility that the woman has not even jumped in the Chambal river. In the same time span, the police have got CCTV footage. In it, a woman is seen wearing a burqa on a motorcycle with a young man. Police is investigating after examining the petrol pump and other footage in front of the same route.

After closing the door of the house from outside the ABC Line Colony of Birlagram Industries at 5 am on Saturday morning, the video of the newly married woman going to the river Chambal went viral to her relatives and husband at 5.18 am. When relatives and husband reached Nayan Ghat near Tyagi Ashram, they informed the police after getting mobile, chunari and slippers there. Police station in-charge Karan Singh Pal reached the spot and called a team of swimmers from local and Ujjain and searched throughout the day. On Sunday, the SDRF team from Ujjain did not find anyone even after scavenging the entire dam. Police scrutinized CCTV footage from Birlagram to Chambal river. The woman is seen walking towards the Chambal river. After struggling for two days, Birlagram and Mandi police station in-charge scanned the footage of the way going from the ghat to other places. In the footage posted at Arihant Water Plant, a woman wearing a burqa was seen riding a motorcycle with a young man wearing a cloth over her mouth. It is being speculated from this that the woman has not jumped in the Chambal river. The mobile that made the woman’s video viral was left on the ghat. According to the police, two chargers have been found from the woman’s house. It is also suspected that the woman uses another mobile. The police will now search for the information of the second mobile number from the woman’s husband and relatives with the help of cyber cell. By tracing the number of the motorcycle, the police is also finding out which young man has gone with which woman.

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The woman who disappeared from the ABC line did not jump into the Chambal river. Even after scouring the dam for two days, nothing was found. In the CCTV footage installed at the water plant on Nayan Road, a woman is seen riding a motorcycle with a young man wearing a cloth over his mouth. It is being verified.

Shyamchandra Sharma, TI, Mandi Police Station Nagda

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