Third arrest in Bulli bai app case, 21 year old student arrested from Uttarakhand – Bulli Bai app case Mumbai police arrested one more student ntc

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  • Third arrest in Bulli bai app case
  • Mumbai Police arrested the accused from Uttarakhand

The Cyber ​​Police of Mumbai has made the third arrest in the Bulli Bai App case. It is being told that the police has arrested Mayank Rawal, a resident of Uttarakhand, on Wednesday. Rawal is a student and his age is 21 years.

In the Bulli bai app case, Mumbai Police had earlier arrested Shweta (19 years) from Uttarakhand on Tuesday. Before Shweta, 21-year-old Vishal Kumar Jha has been arrested from Bangalore.

Mumbai Police claims that Shweta, arrested from Uttarakhand, is the mastermind of the entire case. Apart from this, the police has arrested Vishal Kumar Jha in the same case. Vishal and Shweta already knew each other. It is being told that Mumbai Police Commissioner Hemant Nagrale can disclose the matter by holding a press conference today.

What’s the matter?

Recently an app named Bulli Bai came out. Muslim women are being targeted on the app. Here hatred is being spread against him and dirty things are being written. The Bulli Bai is built in the same way as the Sulli Deals was made a few days back. Sulli deal was launched on Github, now Bulli Bai was also launched on Github. In this case, the Mumbai Police started the investigation by registering an FIR.

What are the allegations against Vishal and Shweta?

Mumbai Police officials are also probing Vishal’s role in the Sulli Deals incident, which came to light in 2021 before the Bulli Bai app. The role of Vishal, an average engineering student, was to edit photographs of women from a particular community and then upload them to the app. Shweta was arrested only on Vishal’s identity.

Who is Shweta?

Shweta has been arrested from Udhamsinghnagar in Uttarakhand. His father had died during the Corona period, while the mother had died of cancer. She has an elder sister, while a younger sister and brother are in school. Shweta was preparing for engineering entrance exam. According to the Mumbai Police, the accused girl Shweta Singh was allegedly working on the instructions of a social media friend based in Nepal.

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