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Story Highlights

  • Said in the threat – SC should not help PM Modi
  • Threatening calls to 35 lawyers

Around 35 lawyers of the Supreme Court have received threats from supporters of Khalistan. The threat has been made by Sikh for Justice through an automated phone call from an England number. The audio recording of the call revealed that the caller has asked that the Supreme Court should not help PM Modi in the cases filed against farmers and Sikhs of Punjab. You must remember that not even a single convict has been punished in the Sikh riots and massacre.

About a dozen lawyers have claimed to have found the threatening clip. The Supreme Court Advocate on Record Association has informed the Secretary General of the Supreme Court about this threat received from Sikh for Justice.

Here, today, some Twitter handles associated with the Sikh for Justice (SFJ) organization are tweeting about the blockade on India Gate and Red Fort on 26 January. They are announcing a fund of one million dollars for organizing a blockade against the Indian Constitution and PM Narendra Modi.

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