Tithi Bhojan Scheme : Community Participation in Mid-Day Meal Scheme

Tithi Bhojan Scheme

Titi Bhojan Scheme: Providing mid-day meals is a great initiative started by the government of India. Now, under this scheme, the government is also adding community participation with the name “Tithi Bhojan”. Tithi Bhojan was started in Gujarat. This scheme will now be implemented across the country. The main objective behind this scheme is to provide nutritional food to the children.

To increase the number of children in primary and upper primary school and to improve the quality of education, many schemes have been implemented by the state government and the central government, so that the level of education in India can be increased.

Tithi Bhojan Scheme

Tithi Bhojan Scheme is the most important of these major schemes. Through this scheme, efforts are made to connect children, parents, and special people or organizations with each other. In this scheme, a mid-day meal along with sweets and fruits is distributed to the children.

What is Tithi Bhojan Scheme?

Tithi Bhojan Yojana has been started in the state of Gujarat. After the success of this scheme in Gujarat, the central government has directed to start this scheme in all the states. The state government is starting this scheme in collaboration with the central government.

tithi bhojan scheme upsc

Under the Tithi Bhojan Yojana, food is provided to the children of Government Basic Schools by any person or organization of the community on the birth of a child, the birthday of a particular person, anniversaries of marriage, festivals, or similar. In addition to the mid-day meal, snacks are served. Sweets, fruits, sprouts, dry fruits, etc. are distributed.

Tithi Bhojan Under Mid-Day Meal Scheme

On the day when food is organized under Tithi Meal Scheme, on the same day food prepared under Mid-Day  Meal Scheme has also been made mandatory. Other nutritious things are distributed along with the lunch so that the children can get good food.

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When the children were asked about the Tithi Bhojan scheme, they said that if such food is available for one day in a week, then the urge to study will increase further. Delicious dishes can attract children to school.


That was all about the Tithi Bhojan Scheme. Under this scheme, the communities or common people across India can contribute to providing nutritious, healthy, and delicious foods to government school students. If you want to get more information about this scheme, then you can ask your queries in the comments. Stay connected with Janta Yojana to get more useful posts every day.

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