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In the context of Omicron, most people believe that it is a mild virus. Oxford, Lancet also in their studies called Omicron variants milder than Delta. No increase in hospitalization rate given Aadhaar. Well, yesterday the central government also warned the states about this hospitalization.

The Center said that at present, 5 to 10% of the active cases in the country are in need of hospitalization, but the situation is changing rapidly and in such a situation the conditions of hospitalization can also change. On the other hand, yesterday ICMR amended the corona guidelines, after which the corona test will be done only after the person who came in contact with the Kovid positive person has any corona symptoms. Moreover, yesterday Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, BJP President JP Nadda and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar were also found to be corona infected. On the other hand, the situation with Corona in America still remains critical. And in the meantime, a study has been published in the European Heart Journal about Omicron. According to the study, even a mild infection of Omicron can damage body parts. So now the question here is that what is the basis of this study of European Heart Journal and as it has been said in the study that due to Omicron, the pumping power of the heart decreases on average by 1 to 2 percent, while the level of protein in the blood is reduced. It has also been said to increase to 41%. So if you want to understand these two things according to the body functioning, then how can these changes affect the body?

For the last five days, daily corona cases in the country are crossing the one lakh mark. In the last 24 hours, about 1 lakh 80 thousand cases of corona have been registered in the country. Talking about the speed of corona this time, in just 10 days, one lakh cases of corona were registered in the country, it took 50 days for the country to reach this number in the second wave and 120 days in the first wave. At present, Maharashtra and Kolkata are getting the maximum number of Kovid patients, while Delhi is at number three in this matter. In the last 24 hours, 45 thousand new cases were reported in Maharashtra, while in West Bengal, more than 24 thousand Kovid cases were registered. In Delhi this figure is around 22 thousand. So now it is inevitable that in view of these increasing figures of Kovid, the talk of the peak of the third wave will start. A study has been done in IIT Kanpur regarding this, in which there is talk of the peak of the current wave and its downfall. So what does this study and its figures say? If we talk about the data of Corona, then what difference do you find between India and other countries?

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Goa is also one of the five states in which the Election Commission announced the assembly elections on Saturday. Very famous in terms of tourism but small in terms of share, population. Obviously politics is a game of selfishness, so leaders keep all the focus where they benefit more. Well, at present there is a BJP government in Goa. And this time the political situation has also changed. In fact, at first it seemed that in Goa, as usual, there would be a contest between the BJP and the Congress. The Congress had also started forming an alliance and announced an alliance with Goa’s regional party, Goa Forward, but the picture has changed with the entry of Trinamool Congress into Goa politics. On the other hand, the concern of the ruling party BJP has also increased. With BJP in power for 5 years, an anti-incumbency factor is also being seen. Meanwhile, yesterday news came that BJP MLA from Goa and minister in the state government Michael Lobo has resigned.

Michael has been a leader with a good mass base for the BJP, and his sudden resignation can add to the difficulties in terms of elections. The question is, what is the reason for this sudden resignation of Michael? How big a headache is this resignation of Lobo for BJP? And what are the indications so far as to which party Lobo might be going to now?

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