Top10 Telugu Latest News Morning Headlines 24th June 2022

1. Poison on ‘Amma Odi’
Chief Minister Jagan is successfully implementing unexpected changes in the field of education in such a way that children are the future.
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2. Shiv Sena disqualification weapon .. Shinde who increased aggression
A series of key turning points are taking place in Maharashtra politics. The Shiv Sena has finally launched a disqualification drive against the Rebels.
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3. CM YS Jagan assures entrepreneurs at EMC inaugural meeting
“If you are talking .. be with you .. just make a phone call .. we will solve any problem,” CM YS Jagan assured the industrialists.
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4. 1998 DSC: Appointments on MTS
Despite qualifying for the selection of posts in the 1998 DSC, the long wait of the candidates who did not get the recruitment opportunity finally paid off.
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5. Yes .. Are they in a hotel ?: Assam CM
Eknath Shinde, the rebel leader of the party that brought the Shiv Sena rebel MLAs together, is trying hard to stop them.
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6. Survey reports on the performance of Ministers and TRS MLAs to the hands of the CM.
The performance of TRS MLAs along with Telangana state ministers, allegations of corruption against them, personal behavior, public opinion on them, chances of winning the upcoming assembly elections ..
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7. Indian player re-entering cricket at the age of 38 ..!
Team India veteran Murali Vijay is all set to make his re-entry into cricket after almost two years. Vijay ready to play for Ruby Trichy Warriors in Tamil Nadu Premier League
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8. Says there are no opportunities in the industry: Minister Talasani
‘The power of the Telugu film industry has become universal today. Many in the industry say there are no opportunities.
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9. Rs. 4.30 lakh crore domestic media
The domestic media and entertainment industry is expected to grow by 8.8 per cent annually by 2026. Rs. 4.30 lakh crore.
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10. Indian Aarti in the White House
Who is Aarti Prabhakar after Joe Biden nominated Aarti Prabhakar of Indian descent as his science advisor? ‘ An interesting question came up ..
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