How to Turn Smartphone into a CCTV Camera

How to Turn Smartphone into a CCTV Camera

Today we are going to learn a useful hack which is, how to turn smartphone into a CCTV Camera. These days, everyone has more than one Android smartphone. Some of these also happen in such a way that we do not use or say that after getting a new mobile, our old phone becomes useless. If you sell the old phone, then it does not even get the right price because today most people like to buy new technology smartphones.

In such a situation, people rarely buy old phones. Well if you want to use your phone then you can make it a CCTV Camera, yes it is very easy. Now everyone wants the security of their home office, for which people buy and install CCTV cameras. However, there is no substitute for official CCTV because with this you can easily track the activities happening in your home.

How to Turn Smartphone into a CCTV Camera

But making mobile a CCTV camera is a lot of fun and work in itself. In this process, you can connect your old mobile to your new mobile or computer and watch the live activities. In this way, you will not have to sell the old smartphone or keep it lying idle. So, learn how to turn a smartphone into a CCTV camera and make use of your old smartphones.

How To Turn Smartphone Into A CCTV Camera

So for this, you will first need an App to make Android Mobile a CCTV Camera, which you will easily find in the Play Store. Both your phones should be Android, if you want to see the old mobile camera on the computer, you can use any computer. Also, both the devices must have an internet connection that is connected to the same wifi.

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The name of the app that we are going to tell about here is IP Webcam. It is an absolutely free app that you can download and install by going to Google Play Store. IP Webcam is a very popular app regarding the security camera, which has been installed by 10 million i.e. more than 10 million users so far. Also, it has got a great rating of 4.1, so the information about how to use it is given below.

  • To make your own CCTV, install the IP Webcam app on your old mobile and open it.
  • Now click on Start Server appearing at the bottom of the home screen.

how to make your old mobile as CCTV camera

  • With this it will ask for some permissions, you have to allow all, after which your camera will open here.
  • On the screen, you will see an IP address which you have to write or note down.

how to make cctv camera at home - with mobile camera

  • Now you have to take your second or new phone or computer and open the browser.
  • In the browser of the second phone, you have to enter the already noted IP address and enter it.
  • This will open the IP Webcam website.

ip webcam app

  • Now you have to select the Javascript button in the Video renderer option. If you want to listen to the audio along with the video, then select Flash in the Audio Player option.
  • After this, the screen of your old camera will be visible on the new phone.

how to make cctv camera using old mobile camera

Now you can put your first smartphone at the door of the house or wherever you want to monitor and control it from the second phone and turn on its recording. Here you also get the option to take photos. So in this way you can make your own CCTV camera for free by following just a few steps.

Benefits Of Using Smartphone As CCTV Camera

There are many benefits of turning your old mobile into a CCTV camera like –

  • You will not need CCTV to monitor you because you can do this work from your mobile too.
  • Thousands of lakhs of rupees are spent on buying a camera, but with your old smartphone, you can save so much money.
  • Although there is no need for a CCTV camera in places like home, you can use your smartphone.
  • Mobile phones can be very useful for surveillance in small places like homes, offices, etc.
  • In this app you get the option of real-time recording, meaning you can record someone’s video with voice.
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How To Turn Jio Phone Into CCTV Camera

You might have already noticed that in order to turn your old phone into a CCTV camera, the app has to be installed on the Android mobile. You cannot install this app on your Jio phone because Jio Mobile runs on Kai operating system which is completely different from Android.

In simple language, Keypad Jio Phone does not support any Android app. In such a situation, if you see an article or post related to this CCTV camera on the internet, then you have to understand that it will only waste your time. You can’t use your Jio Phone as a CCTV camera.


So now you must have known how to turn your old smartphone into a CCTV Camera. You do not have to face a problem, so let me tell you again that in this process of CCTV, both the new and old phones should be connected to the same WiFi connection. Only then this trick will work, for example, if the hotspot is on in your first phone, then connect the second mobile to it through WiFi. We hope you like this post. Stay connected with Janta Yojana for more useful guides, the latest tricks, and hacks.

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