Uncle becomes father now: brother-in-law married, took ‘seven rounds’ for the sake of children

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    The brother-in-law married the widowed sister-in-law, this marriage is being praised in the whole district

Marriage has its own importance in a person’s life. Everyone has a different enthusiasm about marriage. To make their marriage memorable, some come by helicopter and some by bullock cart. But we are talking about a marriage which set an example for the people. Actually, brother-in-law married the elder brother’s widow in Buldhana district of Maharashtra, which is being discussed in the entire area.

In fact, due to the death of a man living in Wankheed village of the district, his wife and two children had become a mountain of sorrow. Seeing this, Haridas Damdhar, the younger brother of the deceased, was told by the relatives and relatives to marry the widowed sister-in-law. Haridas also respected everyone without caring about the society and the world and he agreed to marry his sister-in-law.

At the same time, after getting a positive answer from the widowed sister-in-law, preparations were made for this marriage. Then the brother-in-law and sister-in-law got tied in the relationship of husband and wife with pomp. The baraatis also participated in this ideal marriage and praised the step taken by Haridas Damdhar.

The people who came to the wedding praised this marriage.

‘Children will get support’

Regarding marrying sister-in-law, Haridas Damdhar said, “My brother passed away one and a half years ago. He has 2 children. My parents took a decision and told me to marry my sister-in-law, which would support them and their children. I felt the decision taken by my parents and friends was right and I thought it would be good for the sister-in-law and the children only. That’s why I said yes to the marriage. I am very happy with this decision of mine. ,

(Input: Zaka Khan)

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