Unique game of liquor supply between stone ballast in Bihar, smugglers opened the secret – liquor supply between stone ballast in Bihar 3 smugglers arrested ntc

Story Highlights

  • Lakhs of liquor is coming daily in Banka to supply all over Bihar.
  • The cost of 100 boxes of liquor is being told in the market to be ten lakh rupees.

There is complete liquor ban in Bihar. As the strictness on liquor smuggling has increased, the liquor mafia has invented new ways of smuggling at the same speed. The latest case is from Banka district. Here the game of smuggling of lakhs of rupees has been exposed by the use of a big vehicle used in a construction company, Highway.

what is the whole matter

Banka district adjoining Jharkhand remains a transit route for liquor smugglers these days. Lakhs of liquor is coming daily in Banka to supply all over Bihar. But those vehicles are being made to bring liquor, which transport construction materials. On Monday, the police got information that liquor is being brought hidden in the highway laden with stone ballast. When the police stopped the ballast laden highway, its driver showed it by opening the door below. The police saw that there was actually ballast in it.

Searched inside after being suspicious

After not getting alcohol, the policemen climbed on the highway. After that, as soon as the stone gravel was removed, the eyes of the policemen spread. Bottles of foreign liquor worth Rs 10 lakh were kept under the ballast. After that the police arrested three smugglers, traveling along the highway. The cost of 100 boxes of liquor is being told in the market as ten lakh rupees.

jharkhand liquor mafia act

The involvement of the big liquor mafia of Jharkhand has come to the fore in this police action. Apart from the arrest of the main kingpin of liquor smuggling. The name of the supplier of liquor, Gaurav Singh alias Vicky Singh, has come to the fore. The gangsters who have been arrested are Bijli Yadav, Manish Kumar who is a resident of Parbatta police station area of ​​Khagaria district, while Saket Jha who is a resident of Telco of Jamshedpur.

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Banka Excise Superintendent Arun Kumar Mishra told that the three arrested smugglers used to do business on partnership. These people used to fill liquor in the highway and bring them to Bihar with construction materials and supply them.

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