UP: ‘Congress leaders suffer if Pakistani terrorists are killed’- MLA Pankaj Singh – Noida MLA Pankaj Singh says party will win more than 350 seats in UP Assembly elections 2022 ntc

Story Highlights

  • ‘People don’t have faith in Samajwadi Party’
  • ‘Congress is not doing anything new by supporting women’

Aaj Tak has a special conversation with Noida MLA and Uttar Pradesh BJP Vice President, Pankaj Singh. Pankaj Singh was asked the report card of his 5 years of work and it was also asked how much changed Noida under his rule. On this, he counted the works of his government and told that in the coming elections, the party will win around 350 seats.

When Pankaj Singh was asked about the issue of inflation, he said that the government did a lot of work during the time of Corona and about 80 crore people of the country have been given free ration so that they can eat two meals a day. Along with this, the government has also reduced the prices of petrol and diesel significantly.

‘People don’t have faith in Samajwadi Party’

Targeting Akhilesh Yadav, he said that the problem with the Akhilesh government is that now the government has gone, if he had inaugurated by laying the foundation stone, his government would not have had to sit in the opposition. He said that people do not have faith in the Samajwadi Party. If terrorists of Pakistan are killed, there is a strike, then leaders like these ask for answers, when they talk about Ram, then communalism is seen and when they openly try for the release of terrorists, they see votes in it. The youth of this country is no longer ready to accept this kind of politics.

‘Problems of builder societies in Noida date back to 2017’

In the builder society in Noida, people have not got flats even after paying full money and those who have got them are not being registered. On this, Pankaj Singh said that all these problems were done before 2017. After coming to the government, a committee of ministers was formed who worked on it, RERA was formed, FIR has been registered against many builders, after this 43 thousand people got possession letters and more than 19 thousand people have been registered. . Those whose registry is not being done, work is being done on them. He said that people have to bear the brunt of the builder’s mistake and the failures and complicity of the previous government in it.

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‘If Pakistani terrorists are killed, Congress leaders feel pain’

On the allegations of Rahul Gandhi on the dispute on the India-China border, Pankaj Singh said that since 1962 till the time the Congress government was in power, Rahul Gandhi forgot its position. He said that when there is an air strike, surgical strike and Pakistani terrorists are killed, then Congress leaders feel pain.

‘Congress is not doing anything new by supporting women’

On addressing the women voters of Congress, Pankaj Singh said that Congress is not saying anything new, in our country women and sisters have always been worshiped in the form of power. BJP has already given 33 percent reservation to women and the Congress party is talking about it today.

‘Noida is ready for every wave of Corona’

On the matter of Corona, Pankaj Singh said that recently a 225-bed hospital has been prepared here. There is no shortage of anything here. There is enough oxygen, enough beds. Noida is ready to fight any wave today.

This time only saffron will run in Uttar Pradesh

Pankaj Singh is the son of Defense Minister Rajnath Singh. He has seen from childhood that whatever work he gets, he has to keep doing it with dedication and honesty, this is what he has learned from his father. He said that the party will win this time also. While narrating his election slogan, he said that ‘neither hand nor elephant, nor spout nor sariya, this time it will be done in Uttar Pradesh only saffron’. He said that BJP will bring around 350 seats in the elections this time. Now the public has to decide on this. He said, “I will not allow to be wrong, right, I will not let it stop in any way.” I have moved forward with this.

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