UP Election 2022: Red color or will hoist saffron cm Yogi Akhilesh Yadav setting the tone of social media with claims ntc

Story Highlights

  • This election, which started on January 8, will be completed on March 10.
  • Voting process in Uttar Pradesh will be completed in 7 phases
  • Supporters sharing memes, pictures, photos and digital slogans

UP Elections: Will the saffron bearers come in UP or will Akhilesh…will wave red color in UP or will it hoist saffron? Or will the outcome of this political summer be something else? The dates for the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections were announced as soon as on Saturday. Two big parties of the state immediately staked their claim on the CM’s chair from 2022 to 27. Since the elections are being held in the digital and virtual world, therefore the attacks and counter-offensives are also being done from the same place. The Twitter handle of UP BJP made a tweet. In this tweet, there was a life-size picture of CM Yogi dressed in saffron clothes and the favorite slogan of the BJP was – prepare for the coronation, saffron-clads are coming again on March 10.

The BJP was claiming that the main opposition party of the state, the Samajwadi Party, immediately attacked and staked its claim on the throne of Lucknow. A tweet came from the Twitter handle of Samajwadi Party – Akhilesh is coming on March 10. In this tweet, Akhilesh is seen in front of a mass of people wearing red caps of socialists.

Immediately both these pictures started being retweeted, liked and shared in the social world. With this, the tone of the 2022 clash in UP started setting. In the virtual world, leaders, workers and supporters of both the parties have entered the summer of 22 with full memes, photographs, photographs and digital slogans. This election, which started on January 8, will be completed on March 10.

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By projecting saffron, the UP BJP has made it clear that BJP will loudly raise the saffron identity of CM Yogi throughout this election and the temper of religion will play a lot in this election. Apart from this, BJP is telling strong law and order as the USP of its governance. After the announcement of the elections, UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that once again on March 10, the BJP will be successful in getting the blessings of the Janata Janardan with a thumping majority. CM Yogi raised the flag of his claim and said that no one should be under misunderstanding, this election of UP is 80 vs 20. Another 80 percent will be people on the other hand 20 percent.

Here Akhilesh’s quiver is also full of tools. Former CM Yogi is selectively counting the shortcomings and failures of the government. Akhilesh has a question of Muslim identity. There are problems of farmers, there is a question of jobs for the unemployed. As soon as the date of election came on Saturday, Akhilesh said that BJP did not take any decision for the interest of farmers, hence BJP is sure to be clean on March 10. After the 10th, the resolution taken by the SP, the people here will not get any bill for 300 units of electricity, the bill will be zero. Samajwadi Party said that on March 10, BJP clean. Akhilesh is coming on March 10 with the prosperity of farmers, youth, women, backward, dalits, minorities, traders, businessmen.

Let us tell you that starting from February 10, elections will be held in UP in 7 phases till March 7 and the results will come on March 10.

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