UP ELECTIONS 2022: Why terror of unclaimed animals has become a big election issue in UP? – Why estray animals terror become a big election issue in UP elections 2022 ntc

Story Highlights

  • Akhilesh Yadav is raising the issue of unclaimed animals
  • Unclaimed animals are destroying farmers’ crops
  • Fund embezzlement allegations in Gaushalas

After the formation of the UP government, the biggest promise of the Yogi government in 2017 was that it would build gaushalas for better care of unclaimed animals in the state and better management. The tenure of the government is coming to an end and now that Uttar Pradesh is ready to elect a new government again, how effective have those promises made 5 years ago on the ground? Why has the terror of abandoned animals become a big election issue in Uttar Pradesh? What has happened to the farmers of Uttar Pradesh by the abandoned animals? Today we will try to understand in this special report. Akhilesh Yadav, the president of BJP’s arch rival Samajwadi Party in Uttar Pradesh, has also raised the issue of these animals many times.

First of all let us take you to district Sultanpur. Outside the city, in the rural areas, farmers will be seen running in the fields in the bitter cold in the early morning. There is a group of animals in front and behind, farmers are running in the fields with sticks and sticks. This is a daily routine for these farmers. Don’t know from where the rush of stray cattle comes and the standing crop in the fields gets grazing. To save the crop irrigated with blood and sweat and raised at cost, farmers keep running after the animals in the morning and evening, regardless of the weather.

There are also cowsheds in many areas of the village where animals have been kept tagged, but local people say that sometimes animals come out from there and destroy the fields. The standing wheat crop has been ruined in many areas by grazing stray cattle. Farmers have been facing this problem for the last many years.

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Fund embezzlement in Gaushala

Virendra Pratap Singh, a resident of Sultanpur, says that now it has become a common thing of every day and for the last 3-4 years there has been an orgy by the unclaimed animals, due to which the farmers are forced to enter the fields even in the dark of morning and night in the bitter cold. You have to come and take care. Virendra Pratap says that there are also cowsheds around, but animals are released from there too, because the cowshed people have embezzled government funds and leave the animals open to eat the crops in the fields.

Farmers forced to sit day and night

Traditional scaffolds have been erected in the fields for standing crops where farmers are forced to sit day and night so that their fields can be saved from the wrath of animals. More farmers have started erecting barbed wire fencing around the fields to protect the crop, but this is an expensive investment which is not possible for poor farmers. Only capable farmers are putting boundaries on the side of the fields, those who have nothing, where should they go? A cowshed was also found in this area where many animals have been kept whose ears have also been tagged.

what people say

Ashish Dubey, who takes care of the cowshed, says that all the animals we have here stay here and never go out, but the crops are getting damaged because they are the animals of others who come from somewhere outside.

The villagers ignore the words of the gaushala manager and say that many animals who damage crops in the fields belong to the gaushala, because they have the same tag in their ears. They say that people have abandoned these animals because they cannot maintain them and now they are harming the stray cattle farmers.

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In 3 years the number of unclaimed animals increased

Pradeep Maurya, a local resident of the village, says that it has been more than three years since there has been an increase in the number of unclaimed animals, which damage crops in the morning and evening, and sometimes they also cause accidents on the national highway. Pradeep says that complaints were also made about this many times, but that complaint was not heard and now it is a big issue for the farmers because if this is the case then its effect will be seen in the elections as well.

Village youths Shivam and Satyam say that often they have to sit in the fields to look after the crop and engage the animals in the morning and evening or else they eat the whole crop. Virendra says that there is also a government helpline number to deal with stray animals, but after complaining, the answer comes from there that the solution has been done, but the problem remains as it is. Everyone’s complaint is that there is no hearing.

Same situation in Gorakhpur too

Not only Sultanpur, the same situation is seen in Gorakhpur too. If you move towards the Nepal border, outside the city in Yogi Adityanath’s area, towards the Nepal border, then you will see unclaimed animals sitting on the roads or crossing the road. Accidents are often invited on such highways. Unclaimed animals will be seen sitting everywhere, which have no owner for whom there is no government.

Farmers of Siddharthnagar also upset

Let us also take a look towards the frontier district of Siddharthnagar. In the Burdpur area, just a few kilometers away from Kapilvastu, unclaimed animals will be seen crossing the road and grazing the fields. The people of the village will be seen running after the animals. Parashuram Mishra explains that in the last few years this orgy has increased so much that it has become difficult for the local people to live and more and more the problem is due to road accidents, in which sometimes humans die and sometimes these unclaimed animals, About whom these people have also complained to the local MLA.

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Sandeep, a resident of Burdpur, says that complaints have been made many times, but no one helps regarding the unclaimed animals. On the contrary, these animals come in the morning and evening and clean the entire crop. Sandeep says that no matter what the weather, people have to guard their crops in the fields in the morning and evening.

farmers’ displeasure

The terror of unclaimed animals will be seen more in West Uttar Pradesh, Awadh and East Uttar Pradesh areas. The situation is more dire, especially in the marginal districts of eastern Uttar Pradesh. People keep animals in their homes as long as they have money, but when the cows are not capable of milking and the bulls are of no use, people leave them as strays. Claims of arrangements have been made by the government, but stray animals roaming the streets are exposing those arrangements. Lest this issue become the displeasure of the farmers and appear in the elections.

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