UP Elections: UP CM said – 80 vs 20 will be held, Hindu opponents do not like Modi-Yogi – Hindu opponents do not like PM Modi and CM Yogi UP Elections ntc

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  • ‘I will not believe even if I cut my neck’
  • Yogi said, some people are victims of misunderstanding

UP assembly election: Voting is to be held in 7 phases in UP. Now all the parties are making a splash. At the same time, CM Yogi Adityanath said that no anti-India or anti-Hindu element will accept Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Yogi Adityanath.

At the same time, he said that some people are still victims of misunderstanding who are imposing their figures on UP. Because this election will be 80 vs 20. For example, 80 per cent supporters will be on one side (BJP). 20 per cent supporters will be on the other side.

CM Yogi did not stop here, he said that anti-Hindu elements did not trust me even earlier, and will not do so in future also. Not only this, CM Yogi said that even if I cut my neck and put it on a plate in front of such people, they will not believe me.

Chief Minister Yogi said that we do not care about such people. Because my commitment is to the people of entire Uttar Pradesh. The people of the state should get security, rule of law should be established. Our party is moving ahead with these goals.

CM Yogi said that the assembly election of UP is going to be 80 vs 20. In this, 80 percent people will move forward with positive energy and 20 percent people will protest as usual.

Voting from February 10

Polling in UP is to be held from February 10. The first phase of polling will start from western UP. There will be a total of seven phases of elections in the state. Whereas the results will come on March 10.

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