Use of corona self test kit increased in Delhi, doctors said – it is dangerous – corona self test kit usage increased in delhi but doctors think its dangerous ntc

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  • 3 companies are making Corona’s self test kit
  • Use of Corona’s self test kit increased

Amidst increasing cases of corona, people are increasingly using self-testing kits to avoid RTPCR test. The demand for self-testing kits has suddenly increased in the capital Delhi in the last few days. According to the information received till date, about 5 to 10 thousand kits are being sold daily in Delhi.

Sale of 5 to 10 thousand kits daily

According to Sandeep Nangia, president of Delhi Retail Distribution Chemist Alliance, in the last week of December, people did not even come to ask for the kit. But in the last one week, they are selling in thousands every day. 5 to 10 thousand kits are being sold daily. According to Sandeep, people are taking these sales to private offices for the use of their staff. With this, people of posh area and middle class are using this kit more. According to the distributors, in just 15 minutes, the results from this kit are revealed whether you are corona positive or not? This is the reason why people are using it more.

People shying away from going to the hospital for tests

According to the people who came to buy these kits at the medical store, for the past several days, the corona is spreading rapidly and people are hesitant to go to the hospitals. This is the reason why people are using this kit for themselves and their entire family due to mild symptoms. One reason for this is that the way the cases of corona are increasing for the last several days, in such a situation, there is a wait of 24 to 48 hours for testing in the labs. According to Sandeep, three companies are making these self-kits right now. Two companies have priced it at Rs 250 and Rs 320.

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‘Use of self-testing kit is dangerous’

However, the self-testing kit is continuously increasing the trouble for both the doctor and the government. IMA’s doctor Dr. Anil Goyal says that using self-testing kits can be very dangerous. First of all, whether the self kit has been used properly or not. Sometimes false negative also comes in it, then it may be that your disease is positive, you need a doctor, you need to get RTPCR done. Especially you to symptomatic patients.

Doctor Anik Goyal says that many times such patients come who start feeling short of breath. In the beginning mild symptoms were coming out but now people are getting more infected and more lives are being lost. Apart from this, the hospitalization of people is also increasing continuously. Second, doctors say that this testing kit is not registered with ICMR. Many such patients come to us who are positive through home kit but they do not have any data. In such a situation, these people can be super spreaders.

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