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Do you want to know the best video maker app for Android and iOS? If yes, then this post is for you. We have listed the best 17 video-making applications for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets in this guide. So do you also need the best video-making app?

Videomaker apps are in trend these days. You can edit all kinds of videos with these video-making apps. Many people use the video maker apps to edit YouTube shorts, channels, Instagram videos, IG Reels, WhatsApp stories, TikTok posts, and more.

video maker appThat’s why I have brought you the top list of 17 Best and Popular Video Banane Wala Apps. All these apps are available on the Google Play Store free of cost. Let’s see the list of top video maker apps in this post below.

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My Favorites – Video Maker Apps

KineMaster 4K Resolution Export, Green Screen, Voice-Over
PowerDirector Chroma-Key, Video Stabilizer, Intro Maker
YouCut Without Watermark, Video Compressor, Trim & Split
Inshot Video Maker Photo Slideshow, Stylish Videos, New Aspect Ratio
VN Video Editor Multi-layer Editing, Keyframe, No Watermark, Templates
Vlogit App Social Stickers, Voice Overs, Thumbnail Creator
Video Guru For YouTube Channel Intro Maker, Free Music Library, FX Effects
AndroVid Extract Audio, Video Compress, Reverse, Lip Syncing
Magisto by Vimeo Online Editing, Trim/Cut, Photo to Video, Movie Effects

This was a glimpse of the Video Editing Apps. Next, we will see the complete details of these apps one by one below.

Basic Guide For Video Maker Apps 

Before you install and start using any of the video maker applications recommended here, we have a basic guide for you.

Features of Good Video Editing Apps

We cannot make a quality video without some features such as Split & Trim, Speed ​​Control, Audio Adjustment,  Animation, etc. At present, the era of high-quality and creative videos is in trend. So now it is impossible to work with the old editing features.

Now coming to the point, it is very important to have these features in your Video Maker:

  • Chroma Key
  • Portrait Aspect Ratio (9:16, 3:4, etc.)
  • Photo to Video
  • Copyright Free Music Library
  • Stylish Video Slideshow
  • High-Resolution Export (HD & FHD)

17 Best Video Maker Apps 

The best video maker applications for Android are given below. Most YouTubers and Instagram content creators use their mobile phones to edit videos. So, get the best app from here and start editing your videos.


#1 choice of video editing for all mobile phones.

Cost/Price Free & Paid
Top Features Chroma Key, 4K Video Export, Voiceover, Reverse & Slow Motion Videos
App Installs 15 Crore+
Total Reviews 6 Million+
OS/Platform Android, iOS & Chromebook
Developer KineMaster, Inc.

KineMaster is a Professional Video Maker App that has both free and paid features. Most mobile creators use this application. This is a storehouse of advanced features. In this, almost all the features will be found which are in a computer video editing software.

best video maker app

In this application, along with features like Voiceover, Slow Motion, Reverse, more than 2500 effects like Animations, Transitions, Stickers, Images, and Fonts, etc. have been given.

Best Features of KineMaster

  • In this, you can make videos like Slow Motion and Reverse
  • You can edit edited videos again later.
  • Chroma Key is given
  • You can add effect to the sound by adding your own voice and other music.
  • This is a photo to video maker app
  • You can add unlimited layers to the video
  • It has the option of Split and Color Adjustments.
  • It’s on the Editors’ Choice list on the Play Store

Drawbacks of KineMaster

  • Currently, this is only available for Mobile Devices
  • You can’t remove the watermark in the free version
  • It will not work well in a phone with 1GB of RAM
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What Kinds of Videos is KineMaster Best for?

  • Edit YouTube Shorts and General Videos
  • MX Takatak, Moj and Josh etc.
  • Facebook Stories and Feed,
  • Instagram Reels, Feed, and Stories

Overall Rating – 9.4/10


Second Best Video Making App for Mobile Phones.

Cost/Price Free & Paid
Top Features 4K Videos, Video Stabilizer, Voice Changer, Chroma-key
App Installs 12 Crore+
Total Reviews 1.5 Million+
OS/Platform Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS
Developer CyberLink Corp.

Can someone tell me what is not in PowerDirector? You got it right, it has all the features that a video maker should have. For this reason, Google has added it to the list of Editor’s Choice on the Play Store.

video maker app download

In this, you will get advanced features like Chroma-Key, Copyright Free Materials, Effects, Video Stabilizer. You can also make an intro video for your YouTube channel.

Best Features of PowerDirector

  • Can increase or reduce the speed of the video
  • All Portrait Aspect Ratio is present
  • Can Stabilize Highly Moving Videos
  • There is an option to make an intro in it.
  • You can apply any background you want with Chroma Key.
  • Voice can be changed in this
  • It is available for both mobile and computer
  • You can make Slideshow Video in it.

Drawbacks of PowerDirector

  • It’s not possible to remove Watermark for free
  • Ads appear in the app
  • Works slowly in phones with smaller processors

What Kinds of Videos is PowerDirector Best for?

  • All kinds of Youtube Videos to
  • WhatsApp Status
  • Instagram Reels and IGTV Videos
  • MX Takatak, Moj, Josh, Gaana Hotshot

Overall Rating – 9.2/10


Video Editing App with all necessary functions.

Cost/Price Free & Paid
Top Features Non-Copyright Music, Video Effects, Stickers, Stylish Texts
App Installs 5.2 Crore+
Total Reviews 6 Lac+
OS/Platform iOS, Android, Desktop
Developer Wondershare Technology Ltd.

This is another one of the best video maker apps. FilmoraGo has been developed by WonderShare Company,  which makes Filmora Software. Filmora is currently the first choice of millions of YouTubers and Vloggers.

best video maker app with song

FilmoraGo is a Pro Video Editor from the point of view of the best features, which is specially made for Smartphones. It has all the features like Video Effects, Music Library, Stickers, Trim & Cut, and Transitions. Along with this, you can export the video in HD quality.

Best Features of FilmoraGo

  • It is totally free
  • It has more than 1000 Royalty-Free Music available
  • Can Blur Up the Background
  • More than 200 stickers are given
  • Effects like Glitching, Flame, VCR, and Blur can be applied to the video
  • The “trim and cut” option is available

Drawbacks of FilmoraGo

  • Cannot render Full HD video in this
  • It will get Watermark

What Kinds of Videos is FilmoraGo Best for?

  • For youtube
  • For Instagram and IGTV
  • Facebook videos

Overall Rating – 9.2/10

Quik Video by GoPro

Great Vlog Creator App from GoPro.

Cost/Price Free to Use
Top Features No Watermark, 360 Degree Videos, Music Library, SlowMo & Freeze
App Installs 15 Million+
Total Reviews 900K+
OS/Platform Android & iOS Phones
Developer GoPro, Inc.

Are you a Vlogger or want to start your career in vlogging? To make VLOG, you will not find a better video maker app than Quik. Because it is made by GoPro which especially makes Vlogging Camera.

apps for making videos with pictures and music

Just TAP, TAP, TAP, and your video will be ready. Not only this, its UI is so simple that even a child can learn. You will also find music without copyright in QUIK video. In addition, you can make Fast, Slow Motion, and Reverse videos in this.

Best Features of Quik Video

  • This is the editor with no watermark
  • It is available for free for both Android and iOS
  • The 360 Degree Video can be made
  • Various types of premium themes are given
  • It is easy to make videos from Slideshow and Photo
  • Excellent transitions and effects are also given
  • With this, you can control the GoPro Camera

Drawbacks of Quick Video

  • Can’t make 4K video in it

Which Platform is Quik Video Best for?

  • YouTube Shorts
  • Vlogging and Live Videos
  • Instagram Reels and MX Takatak
  • WhatsApp Status

Overall Rating – 9.6/10


Stylish Video Maker App from CyberLink.

Cost/Price 100% Free
Top Features Movie Effects, Animated Stickers, 4K Videos
App Installs 10 Million+
Total Reviews 153K+
OS/Platform Android
Developer Cyberlink Corporation

First things first, this is not a normal video editor. This cool app has also been created by the Developer Team of PowerDirector. But it is quite different from PowerDirector.

photo video maker app

ActionDirector is a special movie-making app. In this such effects have been given which you see in Action Movie. In this, you will also find fun features like Slow & Fast Motion, Reverse Effect, Audio Mixing, and Color Control.

Best Features of ActionDirector

  • It has great movie effects
  • In this, you can control the Brightness, Contrast, and Saturation of the video.
  • You can apply transition effects
  • Option to apply background music is given
  • Can Replay and Rewind in video
  • SlowMo Feature Available

Drawbacks of ActionDirector Video Editor

  • It is only available for Android
  • There is no option to remove the Watermark
  • It doesn’t have Chroma-Key

What type of videos is ActionDirector best for?

  • YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels
  • MX Takatak
  • For Marriage or Wedding Function
  • Stylish Videos

Overall Rating – 9/10

InShot Video Editor

Free App for Video Editing with A to Z Features.

Cost/Price Free of Cost
Top Features A-Z Aspect Ratio, Video Merger, Photo Slideshow
App Installs 10 Core+
Total Reviews 11 Million+
OS/Platform iOS & Android
Developer InstaShot Inc.

Now I am going to tell you about Inshot. It is an All-in-One Video Maker. All the features have been given in it. You can also do this with Pro Video Editing in Inshot:

  • Create Photo Slideshow
  • You can make a video from your photo
  • Can edit images


There are many Functions, Effects, Ratios, Stickers in it with the help of which you can make a simple video creative.

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Best Features of InShot App

  • All New Aspect Ratios are available
  • Can export videos with 4K resolution
  • You can also edit photos in this
  • Can increase the speed of the video
  • 60+ transitions are given
  • Video Rotate and Flip option is available

Drawbacks of InShot

  • Chroma Key will not be found
  • Watermark will appear

What types of videos can be edited in InShot?

  • Normal YouTube videos
  • YouTube Shorts
  • Instagram Reels
  • WhatsApp Status Video
  • Stylish Videos for MX Takatak, Moj, and Josh

Overall Rating – 9.6/10

Glitch Video Maker

Stylish video maker App from Inshot.

Cost/Price 100% Free
Top Features Glitch Effects, Music Library, Slideshow, Speed Control
App Installs 5 Crore+
Total Reviews 500K+
OS/Platform Android
Developer InShot Inc

You can call this Video Maker App “Glitch Store”. There are more than 100 Glitch Effects using which you can make a video Awesome and Funny. This video-making app is mostly used for making short and status videos. Because many Effects, Portrait Mode, Premade Templates have been given in it.

photo video maker with music online

Not only that, in GlitchCam you can video record while applying the effects in real-time. Due to the lack of advanced features, this is not the right application for making YouTube videos.

Best Features of Glitch Video Maker

  • You can remove the Watermark in this
  • There are more than 100 Glitch Effects are given
  • You can also record video with this
  • Real-time VHS Effect is given
  • Can make intro of videos

Drawbacks of Glitch Video Maker 

  • It’s only available for Android
  • It does not have Video Stabilization

What types of videos is Glitch Video Maker Best for?

  • Status Videos
  • Instagram Reels
  • MX Takatak, Gaana Hotshot, Moj etc.
  • YouTube Shorts

Overall Rating – 9.2/10


Funny and Memes video maker app.

Cost/Price Free
Top Features Pixelate, Speed Control, Scroll Text, Copyright Free Music
App Installs 11 Crore+
Total Reviews 6 Million+
OS/Platform Android & iOS
Developer EnjoyMobi Video Editor

VideoShow is one of the oldest and popular video maker apps. In this Video Maker, you will get to see powerful features like Blurred Background, Video Dubbing, Fast/Slow motion, Pan & Zoom.

photo video maker app download

One technical thing, you can make all kinds of videos in VideoShow. Whether it is for YouTube, or for Instagram and TakaTak.

Best Features of VideoShow

  • It’s an All-Rounder Video Maker
  • In this, you can make Memes  and Funny Videos
  • Can make High Definition Video
  • 50+ Transition Effects are given
  • Background music can be changed
  • This also supports GIF images
  • It has more than 30 Filters

Drawbacks of VideoShow

  • It’s impossible to remove the watermark in the FREE version
  • Available for smartphones only
  • Cannot save the video in 4K resolution

Which type of video can be made in VideoShow?

  • YouTube Videos and Shorts
  • Reels Videos
  • MX Takatak, Status Videos
  • Memes, Stylish, and Funny Videos

Overall Rating – 9.4/10

Video Guru

Video Guru is one of the best YouTube Video Maker Apps.

Cost/Price Free to Use
Top Features No Watermark, Video Compressor, Intro Maker, Non-copyright Music
App Installs 5 Crore+
Total Reviews 1.6 Million+
OS/Platform Android Smartphones
Developer InShot Inc.

Video Guru has all the features that are needed to make a YouTube video. For example:

  • Copyright Free Music
  • Trim and Split
  • Multilayer Editing
  • Voice-over Sound

video editing app free

Along with this, you will get to see many other features like Glitch & Transition Effects, Filters, Intro Maker, Aspect Ratio. Its biggest feature is it is a video-making software without “Watermark”.

Best Features of Video Guru

  • It is possible to make Slow Motion Video
  • Can Blur Background
  • There is an option to change the ratio
  • Video can be exported in HD quality
  • Multiple FX Effects are provided
  • There is a facility to make an intro for the channel

Drawbacks of Video Guru

  • It is not available for iOS and Computer
  • Forgot to give this Chroma-Key

Which type of videos can be made in Video Guru?

  • Best for Youtube

Overall Rating – 9.6/10


Make Simple Videos Creative and Funny with this video maker app.

Cost/Price Completely Free
Top Features Video Mask, Merge, AI Effects, Intro & Outro Effects
App Installs 1.2 Crore+
Total Reviews 1.6 Million+
OS/Platform iOS & Android Phones
Developer Avcr, Inc.

Funimate is a kind of funny video-making app. In this, a clean video can be made creative within 10- minutes. There is a lot of effects and transitions inside Funimate. With which you can create a stylish and fun-filled video for Reels, TakaTak, Moj, or Josh.

best video editing app free

Best Features of Funimate

  • Its UI is very easy to use
  • 1000+ images in the overlay and background are given
  • It has the option of Multi-Layer Editing
  • There are different types of Animation, Effects, Filters, and Transitions available
  • On this, you can make a video by lip-syncing
  • Funimate has more than 100 effects

Drawbacks of Funimate

  • Video export cannot be done without the watermark
  • No Pan and Zoom

What kind of videos is Funimate best for?

  • Status andvFunny Videos
  • Stylish Videos
  • Moj, Reels, Shorts, and TakaTak
  • For Marriage Program

Overall Rating – 9.4/10


Top Video Maker App for WhatsApp Status.

Cost/Price 100% Free
Top Features Video Compressor, No Ads, No Watermark, Video Cutting & Trimming
App Installs 5 Crore+
Total Reviews 3.6 Million+
OS/Platform Android Smartphones
Developer InShot Inc.

Its name is YouCut, but it’s not just for trimming videos. About 20+ Amazing Video Editing Features have been given in this. This is an app for editing all kinds of videos from Inshot. In this, you can also create Stylish and Short Videos for YouTube and Instagram.


Even in YouCut, you can reduce the size of the video a lot without losing the quality. Apart from this, you can render the video with HD Quality and without a watermark. With so many features, YouCut is available for absolutely free.

Best Features of YouCut Video Maker

  • This is a Video Editing App without Ads and Watermark
  • You can reduce the size of the video in YouCut
  • In this application, you can create Photo Slideshow
  • Can merge multiple videos at once
  • In this, any video can be cut and trimmed.
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Drawbacks of YouCut Video Maker App

  • It is not available for iPhone
  • It does not export 4K videos

What Kind of Video Editing Is YouCut Good For?

  • WhatsApp Video
  • YouTube Videos
  • Facebook & Instagram Feed Videos

Overall Rating – 9.6/10


This is another great video-making software that you should try.

Cost/Price Free & Paid
Top Features Premade Templates, Music Slideshow, Collage Maker, Trim & Cut
App Installs 5 Crore+
Total Reviews 1.2 Million+
OS/Platform Android, iOS, Computers
Developer Vimeo, Inc.

It is also an online video maker along with mobile and desktop. You can do online video editing on Magisto without downloading. Magisto is developed by Vimeo. Now to the point, Magisto is especially known for making spicy videos. You can easily find this app on Google Play Store and App Store.

video editor application

Best Features of Magisto

  • Can make a video in 5-minutes
  • Trim and Merge feature
  • It is also a video maker app for your photos
  • Inbuilt Templates are given
  • Create Photo Slideshows With Music
  • Many Effects and Filters are given
  • The Image Collage can be made
  • Can give effects like a movie
  • It is available for Android, iOS, and Computer

Drawbacks of Magisto

  • This YouTube Channel Isn’t Best For Videos
  • To remove the watermark, you have to take its premium plan.

What type of videos is Magisto Best for?

  • Creative and Live Video
  • Spicy Short Video
  • Instagram Reels, Moz, TakaTak etc.
  • Vlog Video
  • YouTube Shorts

Overall Rating – 9.2/10


Best Video Maker App for Vloggers.

Cost/Price Free to Use
Top Features Thumbnail Creator, Social Stickers, Voice Overs, PIP Mode
App Installs 5 Million+
Total Reviews 45K+
OS/Platform Android & iOS Phones
Developer Wondershare

Do you do Vlogging with a Mobile Camera? Then you must have known, VLOG means Spicy and Funny. Now do one thing. Download Vlogit Editor on your phone today because it can make your Vlog hot and funny.

 video maker free download

Vlogit has been developed keeping in mind the one-and-only Vlogging Videos. So it has A to Z features that a Vlog must have to make it great. That’s not enough, you can also create a thumbnail for your Vlogs in Vlogit.

Best Features of Vlogit App

  • No watermark
  • In this, you can save the video in Full HD ( 1080p resolution ).
  • In this, the facility to make video and slideshow from photos has been given.
  • It is available in 15+ Languages
  • You Can Make Slow and Fast Motion Videos
  • It has advanced functions like Ken Burn, Split
  • With this, you can directly upload the video to YouTube

Drawbacks of Vlogit App

  • Due to being a new app, its rating is a bit low.
  • It can’t render 4K video

What types of videos Vlogit is Best for?

  • Short Videos
  • Stylish Video
  • How-to Videos

Overall Rating – 7.4/10


All-in-One Video Editing Software for Android smartphones.

Cost/Price Free of Cost
Top Features Slideshow, Extract Audio, Video Compress, Reverse
App Installs 5 Crore+
Total Reviews 325K+
OS/Platform Android
Developer Fogosoft Ltd

Like INSHOT, AndroVid has the freedom to edit any type of video. In this also almost all the necessary features are seen. By the way, videos for YouTube can be edited in this. But it will be best for short videos like lip-syncing.

best video editing app

Because in this, like TikTok, you can make videos by acting and lip-syncing with music and music. One of its special features is, it is also a photo to video making app. Because in this you can also create Photo Slideshow, Collage,  and Grid.

Best Features of AndroVid

  • Can change background music
  • Video Cropping facility has been given
  • In this, the audio of the video can be extracted.
  • Can reduce the size of the video
  • Slow Motion Video making facility is given
  • Can save a video in HD quality
  • Can convert video format
  • You can put your own Watermark in the video

Drawbacks of AndroVid Video Maker

  • This application is only available for Android
  • It does not have Chroma Key

What Kinds of Videos Can I Edit in AndroVid?

  • YouTube Videos
  • Short Videos

Overall Rating – 8.6/10

Vido (Lyrics & Status Maker)

Lyrics and Status Video Maker App.

Cost/Price 100% Free
Top Features Trending Effects, Lyrical Video Maker
App Installs 10 Million+
Total Reviews 160K+
OS/Platform Android
Developer Vido – Video Status Maker

This is the first Lyrics and Status Maker app on this list. In this, in just 2-3 clicks, it is ready by making a great Status Video. This application will be quite fine for the creators running a channel related to Status or Lyrics.

how to make a video with photos

Because amazing new features have been given to make Status Video. Various types of effects are present in Vido to make Status and Lyrical Video attractive.

Best Features of Vido

  • It has the facility to download the status
  • There are many trending effects given here.
  • In this, you can make all types of status videos.
  • You can download it for free from Google Play Store
  • Video is made in this in 2 minutes

Drawbacks of Video Video Maker App

  • This is only for Android
  • This is not true for YouTube Videos

Which Platform is Vido Best for?

  • Lyrical Videos
  • WhatsApp Status
  • Short Stylish Videos

Overall Rating – 8.5/10

VN Video Editor

Video Maker Without Watermark.

Cost/Price Free
Top Features Multi-layer Editing, Curve Shifting, Keyframe, Green Screen
App Installs 15 Million+
Total Reviews 700K+
OS/Platform Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS
Developer VN, LLC

The problem with most of the free video editors, you cannot remove Watermark and Ads in them. But, but, but, you will not encounter this problem on the VN Video Editor application.

free video maker apps

VN Video Editor is a professional video maker app. There are many Pro Features that have been included in it. More than that, it is available for all devices. That’s why you can run it on Laptop, Desktop, or MacBook also.

Best Features of VN Video Editor

  • The Chroma Key is given
  • No Watermark will be found
  • Automatic Templates have been given in this
  • Cut, Copy, Trim, and Split features are available
  • In this Project Sharing. Like a professional trait
  • Its UI is very clean and simple

Drawbacks of VN Video Editor

  • The application size is a bit large

What types of videos is VN Video Editor Good for?

  • For IGTV and YouTube
  • For LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook

Overall Rating – 9.4/10


Download Video Maker App for free on Android and iOS phones.

Cost/Price Free of Cost
Top Features Non-copyright Music Library, Pan & Zoom, 4K Export, 450+ Sound Effects
App Installs 70 Lac+
Total Reviews 160K+
OS/Platform Android & iOS Phones
Developer Vimosoft

Like KineMaster, VLLO is a pro video editor. But there is a difference. In this app, you can remove the watermark for free.  A strange thing, you will get tired of applying the features of VLLO, but its features will not end.

best video making software

According to my opinion, it will be the best for YouTube because it has more than 200 Pro Features like Copyright-free Background Music, 4K Resolution, Green Screen, Voice-over, Zoom in/out, Keyframe Animation. Its User Interface is very good. You will feel like a Professional Video Editing application while using it.

Best Features of VLLO

  • You will get to see the option of Chroma Key.
  • More than 2200 Trending Stickers are available
  • Video preview appears in real-time
  • 200+ Royalty-Free Music are given
  • Can make videos with Fast and Slow Motion
  • Trim and Split facility is provided
  • Ads don’t show in it
  • Can make Voice Over for videos
  • It is possible to Crop, Resize and Reposition the video

Drawbacks of VLLO

  • There are no cons

What type of Video is VLLO Good for?

  • For youtube
  • For Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook

Overall Rating – 9.6/10

Other Stylish Video Editing Apps

After further investigation, I found some other video-making apps. Although they are not that popular. But special features have been given to them to make Stylish Videos.

  • WeVideo Video Editor
  • Pixgram
  • Movavi Clips
  • Scoompa Video
  • Videoshop
  • Film Maker Pro


Every New Video Creator wants to know the answer to these trending questions. That’s why I am going to give accurate answers to these Frequently Asked Questions.

Can I make videos for YouTube on mobile?
Absolutely, you can make YouTube videos on your mobile phone. You just need to know Video Editing. Even many YouTubers edit and upload videos from their mobile.
Which are the best video-maker apps?
I use PowerDirector and I recommend using this app. Apart from this, KineMaster, FilmoraGo, and Inshot are considered to be the best video-making apps for mobile.
Which video editors do YouTubers use?
Mobile YouTubers use KineMaster, PowerDirector, and FilmoraGo the most. On the other hand, big Youtubers use Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, Filmora, and PowerDirector the most.


Popular marketers have agreed, in the future, the skill of video editing is going to be one of the most demanded jobs. More than 50% of video creators start their careers with mobile. You can do the same by installing the best video maker applications listed here. Do tell us which app do you like the most. Share this post with others if you found this article helpful. Keep visiting Janta Yojana to get more useful related posts.

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