Vigorous debate in Supreme Court over lapse in PM’s security, CJI asked these questions to SG

Story Highlights

  • An inquiry committee will be formed under the leadership of retired Supreme Court judge.
  • Separate investigation of Central and Punjab government will be stopped
  • Central and state officials also included in the Supreme Court committee

It has now been decided to form a new committee to investigate the matter of lapse in the security of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Punjab. This decision was pronounced in the Supreme Court on Monday after a long hearing and vigorous debate.

During this, the Chief Justice said that the Supreme Court wants to form its own inquiry committee headed by a retired judge. Separate investigation of Punjab Government and Central Government should be stopped and Supreme Court committee will investigate. The AG of NIA has also been included in that committee.

After the hearing regarding the lapse in the security of the PM, the Supreme Court has given an important decision. Chief Justice NV Ramana said that an inquiry committee will be formed under the leadership of a retired Supreme Court judge. That committee will include DGP Chandigarh, IG NIA, Additional DG Punjab and Registrar General of the High Court. At present, the separate investigations going on by Punjab and the Center will be closed.

There was a long debate in the Supreme Court regarding this matter. The Solicitor General objected to the inclusion of the ADGP of Punjab in the inquiry committee. The Solicitor General says that ADGP Security himself is under investigation, so he cannot be a member of the investigation team. The Solicitor General clearly said that this was the result of intelligence failure. Therefore, there is no harm in taking action against the responsible officers of Punjab.

The SG accused the state government of shielding its negligent officers. On this, Justice Hima Kohli said, it seems that you have already decided who is the culprit. If so why come to court? Justice Kohli said that when we had asked to stop the action on Friday, on what basis did you send the notice?

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The Solicitor General said that the notices were issued even before the hearing on Friday.

Justice Surya Kant also told the Solicitor General that your show cause notice is full of contradictions. On one hand you are saying that you are forming an inquiry committee and on the other you are blaming them. Where is the investigation in this?

The Supreme Court bench questioned the issue of show cause notices to the officers of Punjab.

The Chief Justice told the Solicitor General that if you want to take disciplinary steps against the officers of the state, then what is the rest for the court?

During the hearing, the Solicitor General said that this is a matter of Prime Minister’s security. The top official of the central government can investigate this.

On this, the Chief Justice said that do not try to present such an image that we are not taking the security of the PM seriously.

In the court, the Advocate General appeared on behalf of Punjab and raised questions on the inquiry committee of the Centre. The Advocate General of Punjab said that the IG SPG is also included in the investigation committee of the Center, while we are guilty of that in our eyes. The committee is headed by the Home Secretary and the Ministry of Home Affairs has already accepted us guilty by giving a show cause notice. In such a situation, how will the Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs investigate.

The Solicitor General suggested that a committee of the Central Government should investigate and submit its report to the court. The committee or the government will not take any action against anyone on its behalf. But after hearing all the arguments, the Supreme Court gave the decision to form its own committee.

this was the whole matter
PM Modi went on a Punjab tour on 5 January. Here some protesters had blocked the way while going to Hussainiwala by road. After this PM Modi’s convoy stayed here for 15-20 minutes. This is being described as a big lapse in the security of PM Modi. In this regard, the Home Ministry and the Punjab Government committee were conducting separate investigations.

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