Watch: Kashmiri Mathematics Teacher Bilal Ahmed Develops Solar Car, Video Goes Viral

Eleven years of hard work by a maths teacher from Kashmir to create a sophisticated car with luxury features for the common man has become a topic of discussion across the country. Another advantage of this car is that it uses solar energy instead of petrol and diesel.

Bilal Ahmad is a professional mathematics teacher from Srinagar, Kashmir. But since childhood he has been passionate about the automobile industry. Luxury cars in particular love the features in it. However, the lack of availability of luxury cars for the common man like him was a shortcoming. With this, he gathered information through videos on the internet and set to work setting up luxury facilities for a regular car.

Bilal Ahmed has been working since 2009 with the aim of bringing a car with luxury features to the common man. Eleven years of hard work have recently made the car available with modified luxury features. However, in addition to the luxury features of this car, another feature has also been added. The same solar power. Bilal worked hard to build a car with solar power in order to work for a sophisticated car at a budget price. He installed solar panels on all four sides of the car for solar energy. Doors that open up in the same way bring a new look to this car.

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