Wedding in the morning .. New bride commits suicide by drinking pesticide during handover Bride committed suicide in mahabubnagar

Wedding in the morning .. New bride commits suicide by drinking pesticide during handover.

Bride Suicide: Husband is dead. A mother who raised three daughters hard. The mother did not think that marrying the eldest daughter would be a bit of a responsibility. Thus the eldest daughter was engaged to be married to a distant relative. But I got married to a 19-year-old older daughter regardless of whether daughter Anna was saying something childish about whether I like this wedding or not. But in that house, which was bustling with wedding bazaars, the newlyweds were haunted by ghosts after they got married. The reason is that the new bride committed suicide by drinking insecticide. The bride commits suicide before the wedding arches are tied to the house. The mother cried in the morning. The child cried heartily saying how much work they had done.

The incident took place in the old garden of Mahabubnagar district and the whole village was in a state of tragedy. According to the police report, Gujjala Padma of the town has four daughters and a son. The 19-year-old eldest daughter Lakshmi was educated till the tenth standard. Currently staying at home. She was recently engaged to be married to Mallikarjun from Anantapur district.

Lakshmi told her mother that she did not like this marriage. However the elders ignored her words and got married on Friday (May 13,2022) at 9am. Even in the bridal barat she reluctantly did dance with the groom. When she was leaving in the middle, her relatives brought her back and asked her to dance with the groom. So she danced in Barat against her will. Lakshmi is grieving that she got married against her will. Neither the relatives nor the mother-in-law cared about this. The mother breathed a sigh of relief that the marriage was over.

However, Lakshmi, who did not want to get married, committed suicide by drinking poison before the evening handover. Family members who observed her immediately rushed her to the hospital. The doctors who examined her confirmed that she was already dead. Tragedy struck the house, which until then had been busy with marriage. The case is being investigated by the registered police.

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