What does Harnaaz Sandhu’s Miss Universe New York apartment look like from the inside? Watch Video – harnaaz sandhu miss universe new york apartment inside video how it looks tmov

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  • Harnaaz arrives at her Miss Universe New York apartment
  • Inside video of the apartment shown

Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu is experiencing the best moment of her life. After winning the Miss Universe title, Harnaaz not only got a crown studded with diamonds but also got a chance to stay for a year in the Miss Universe apartment in New York. Harnaaz Sandhu tried this golden opportunity on the new year. He is in his apartment in New York from where he has shared the video.

Harnaaz was very excited to move into her New York apartment. He has shared the video from inside the apartment in which he also showed the hall room, kitchen, bedroom. One corner of his hallroom looked very special. A decorative painting is placed on the window side of the room, on which there are pictures of all the Miss Universe so far.

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Former Miss Universe wrote a letter to Harnaaz

Harnaaz also showed his bedroom. As soon as she entered the bedroom, she found Miss Universe 2020 Andrea Meza’s handwritten letter. Andrea welcomed Harnaaz to her New York apartment and wished her all the best for her life ahead. For Harnaaz, it was like a dream come true. Expressing his happiness, he said that even after such a long journey, he is not feeling tired. Would Harnaaz have been anyone but perhaps the same would have happened to him as well.

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Harnaaz lost his bag during the journey

Harnaaz says- ‘I came from India, then Doha, from where it was a 14-hour journey to New York, I was excited since that time. Means I am neither sleeping nor feeling tired, nor jetlag, nothing. Look at my face, look at me. Harnaaz also lost his bag in this journey. But due to the excitement, he does not even regret losing his bags. She says, ‘I lost my bag for the first time and this is the first time I have come to New York. But I am fine, I did not panic because I am here now. I am exploring this place.

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