When the fire brigade vehicles reached outside Kapil Sharma’s house, the cook told that you have set it on fire – kapil sharma I m Not Done Yet netflix pm modi tweet comedy scene tmov

Story Highlights

  • Kapil Sharma tweeted in 2016
  • There was a lot of ruckus

Comedian Kapil Sharma is now going to be seen in a slightly different avatar for the fans. On the occasion of New Year, they are going to bring something new for the fans. Kapil is now coming up with a new show on Netflix in which he will be seen doing standup comedy. Kapil has named this show Kapil Sharma I’m Not Done Yet. The trailer of this show has been released in which Kapil Sharma has shared many stories. He has also narrated the story of Modi ji’s tweet and told what happened on his next day.

What did Kapil see the day after tweeting the PM?

Referring to the tweet made to PM Modi in the year 2016, Kapil Sharma told that what was the situation the next day when he tweeted this. The actor said- “Once I drank and tweeted a very big politician. Waking up in the morning, when I removed the curtain, Obi Vance was standing below. I thought it was a fire brigade vehicle. I called my servant and asked- ‘What is happening? Is there a fire somewhere? Fire brigade vehicles are parked. He says- ‘You have set fire to the night on Twitter.’

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In the trailer of the upcoming show, Kapil was also seen confessing that sometimes after having a drink, he made many such tweets which were controversial. But Kapil does not take the blame of those tweets on his head and seems to name the brands of liquor. He says that some of the tweets were from Jack Daniel. of some other brands.

I am Not Done Yet: Kapil Sharma again took a jibe at PM Modi, said – ‘Chole-kulche people are afraid of 8 o’clock in the night’

just wait a few days

Apart from this, Kapil Sharma is also seen talking about his wife Ginni in the trailer. The curiosity of the fans has increased with the small trailer. Fans are eagerly waiting for this new show of Kapil and are also calling him best of luck for this new show. Talking about the show, it will go on air on Netflix on December 28, 2022.

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