Why did people call Shruti Haasan a witch? Shruti Haasan trolled for her gothic style says people called me chudail tmov

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  • People called Shruti a witch
  • The actress adopted the gothic culture

Actress Shruti Haasan considered music as her career before entering the film industry. At that time Shruti was associated with Goth culture. He had made a different identity and place in this culture. She was also known on social media because of her image, but Shruti Haasan was also trolled a lot for her culture. Many people called her a witch. Recently, Shruti Haasan told in an interview that after taking a break from acting, she wants to focus completely in the music industry. Once again she wants to return to her goth culture.

Shruti Haasan said this
Shruti Haasan said in a conversation with Pinkvilla, “For some time when I took a break from the film and tried to focus back on music, I was writing stories in London during that time. Some people did not understand this thing to me. . When I adopted the same gothic culture again, people called me a vampire and a witch.”

Shruti Haasan’s negative feedback doesn’t make any difference. Shruti Haasan says that I used to think that do not say anything, whatever you want to say. You will keep calling me a witch, but this culture makes me strong and I feel empowered by it. Now these people have stopped telling me anything, in this regard. Shruti Haasan was seen in the film ‘Yaara’ on the big screen for two years in the year 2020. After this, in the year 2021, she appeared in five Hindi and Telugu films.

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Gothic culture started in the UK in the year 1980. This culture was started by some fans of gothic rock. Punk music is made in this culture. Dark style is carried in this music industry, in which dark outfits, dark makeup and black hairstyles are kept.

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