Why Kriti Sanon-Sushant Singh Rajput’s ‘Raabta’ was a flop? Actress told – kriti sanon recalls she discussed raabta failure with sushant singh rajput tmov

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  • Why did Kriti-Sushant’s Raabta fail?
  • Kriti Sanon says flashbacks are wrong

Kriti Sanon and Sushant Singh Rajput were once very good friends. Both had worked together in the film Raabta. But their pair could not reach the success of the film and fell flat at the box office. Why the film failed and what was the reason behind it, Kriti has told. Kriti Sanon has shared some untold things while remembering her work in Raabta with Sushant Singh Rajput.

Dinesh-Sushant did not take Kriti’s words seriously

Kriti recalled the evening she spent with Sushant when the two met Raabta director Dinesh Vijan, to talk about the film’s poor opening. Kriti told that during the making of the film she had warned Dinesh and Sushant that the flashbacks in the film were not looking very effective. Both did not take this thing of Kriti seriously and said ‘I don’t know anything’.

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Kriti said ‘You have to accept what happened. You are making a film for the audience, you cannot say that they do not understand. If they do not understand it is your fault. You cannot say – we are far ahead of time. No, you are making a film for that time, you have to connect with the audience. where did you fail? You have to understand this.

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When the director accepted Kriti’s words

Kriti further said, ‘It was a funny night. We were all sad, depressed, we got very bad reviews and we didn’t know what to say. Dino (Dinesh) says – come man, the mood is bad. We went to his place and opened a bottle of wine. Dino said- I think this happened because of flashbacks. I should have made it simple. Why did we go to Tribal Time? Earlier there was a draft in which the normal king was the queen. Which is more relatable than people. But we thought we’d do something different… I was drinking wine and I said ‘I told you this thing’.

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Kriti also remembered Sushant in the interview. He said that Sushant used to write notes from scripts and after Raabta, Kriti herself started doing the same.

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