Why so many exemptions in Corona Test Guidelines? Understand why questions are being raised – Contacts of confirmed Covid cases need not be tested: ICMR

Why so many exemptions in Corona Test Guidelines? understand why questions are arising

Corona cases are increasing in the country. Soon more than 2 lakh cases will start coming in a day in the country. New cases are increasing continuously, but in comparison to them, ICMR has not increased the speed of testing in the country. On the contrary, ICMR has given many exemptions in these testing. Now people who came in contact with corona infected person no longer need to get tested. Only those people who have a health emergency will have to get tested. In such a situation, the question is, why is the government not intensifying the testing with the increasing cases. See full report.

Covid cases in India is rising rapidly but the testing speed is still running slow. The new government advisory says contacts of those who are found positive for Covid-19 need not be tested unless they fall in the “high-risk” category. However this new advisory from ICMR is questionable. The new strategy has invoked mixed reactions. For more details watch out.

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