World Aquatic Championship: Woman swimmer faints while swimming, coach jumps to save her life

Coach saved US swimmer from drowning. (AFP Photo)

Everyone was shocked after seeing this incident during the World Aquatic Championship. However, on the last occasion, the coach showed understanding and saved the player’s life.

A major accident was averted at the World Aquatic Championship being played in Budapest. A female player has survived while losing her life. American swimmer Anita Alvarez was following her routine and swimming on Wednesday. After this she suddenly fainted and started drowning in the pool. This incident happened during the solo free final. But on one occasion the coach saved Alvarez’s life by jumping into the pool. Everyone was surprised to see this accident and for some time there was a stir on the Venue. However, when the player’s life was saved, everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

When Anita was in the pool, it was seen that she could not breathe. After seeing this, all the people present there were surprised. In this, her coach Andre Fuentes proved to be a boon for Anita. Seeing Anita’s condition, Andre jumped into the pool and pulled her out. Andre brought her over the pool, and then the others helped carry her out.

US team issued statement

After this Anita was taken to Poole Medical Center on a stretcher. But seeing his condition, his teammates and fans were in a state of trouble. However, the US swimming team has issued a statement saying that Anita is now in a better position than before. Talking to Marca, Andre said, “It was a big fear. I had to jump because the lifeguards weren’t doing it.”

The coach later spoke about this on Spanish radio and told that Anita fainted because her routine was extended. He said, “His lungs were filled with water. Once she started breathing again, all was well. It took like a full hour. Things were not there at that time. I was asking the lifeguards to go into the water, but they could not understand or hear what I was saying. She couldn’t breathe. I did as fast as I could as if it was an Olympic final.”

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Anita will rest

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The team’s spokesperson has told that Anita is fine now and will take rest. She also told that whether she will play further or not, a decision will be taken after consulting the team doctor and medical staff. Spokesperson Alyssa Jacobs said, “Anita is currently doing well and is resting today. Team doctor and medical staff have examined him. He has one final left in the 2022 World Championships. If the medical team gives permission, they will take a decision on whether to play or not.

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