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Year Ender 2021 Tourist Places – Photo : istock

Due to the corona epidemic, people were forced to stay in their homes. When the lockdown was imposed, people started getting bored at home. Working from home, working at home, neither had to go to office, nor could any friend go to relative’s house. In such a situation many people got tensed. After living in the house for about a year, people’s desire to travel, travel far away increased. People just wanted to go for a walk as soon as the lockdown opened. To reduce their fatigue and stress, people made travel plans as soon as the lockdown eased. Once again there was a crowd of travelers at the tourist places which had been deserted for a long time. Most of the people were attracted towards the hilly areas. For a long vacation, people went to certain tourist places the most. Let us know the four tourist places, where the maximum number of travelers reached after the lockdown.

Snowfall in Shimla – Photo : Amar Ujala


Shimla in Himachal Pradesh is a favorite place of tourists. Every year thousands of tourists visit Shimla. At the same time, during the Corona period, there was a ban on the travel of tourists in Shimla. However, as soon as the lockdown opened, people once again reached Shimla. In the snowy plains, people eased the tension of the lockdown.

Nainital – Photo : Amar Ujala


When the travel ban was relaxed, the markets of Nainital, which were closed for several months, were once again buzzing. On the quiet streets of Nainital, crowds and travelers from outside started appearing. Friends, couple and family members packed their belongings and first left for Nainital.

Beautiful view of Rishikesh – Photo : Pixabay


During the Corona period, when people came out scared of the danger of epidemic, most of the tourists turned towards religious places. People visited famous temples, religious places. People reached Rishikesh in Uttarakhand. Here people enjoy the calm atmosphere amidst the mountains. Enjoyed trekking, river rafting and capping. Along with bathing in the Ganges, visited temples.

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Prem Mandir lit up with colorful lights – Photo : Amar Ujala


Apart from the mountains, a large number of tourists reached Mathura, Vrindavan. Here people not only visited the temples of Lord Krishna, but also reduced their stress after being imprisoned in the house for months. Spent time at Yamuna Ghat. Visited many temples including Gokul Dham, Govardhan Parvat.

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