Yoga can increase the body’s immunity: Dr. Ashish – Dhamtari News: Yoga can increase the body’s immunity: Dr. Ashish

Publish Date: | Fri, 24 Jun 2022 01:59 AM (IST)

Dhamtari (v). On the occasion of International Yoga Day, Yoga Day was celebrated in Government High School Market Kurridih. Teachers and students practiced yoga in the school premises.

Lecturer Dr. Ashish Nayak while addressing the students told about the benefits of yoga. He told how we can keep our body and mind healthy by doing yoga. Can increase the immunity of your body. The system of all the organs of the body can operate smoothly.

He asked the students to practice yoga every morning or evening. As per the instructions of the government, the students and the people present were given yoga practice on Yoga Day. This very ancient way of life of ours has now got global recognition, he said. It is very important for the students. To keep the body healthy and free from all kinds of tensions and conflicts, children should practice yoga daily. Abhayram Dhruv, the principal of the institution, wished everyone a Happy Yoga Day.

On this occasion, public representatives, Deputy Sarpanch Chandrakiran Netam, Keshav Sinha, Principal of the institution Abhay Ram Dhruva, Ramnath Dhruva, Chumman Sahu, Kamlesh Nishad, Somnath Dhruva, Shivkumari Netam, Bhavna Ramteke, Bhagirathi and all the students were present.

Stress is relieved by doing regular yoga

Jijamgaon (V). International Yoga Day was celebrated at Sirin Fellowship Public School, Berejhar. On this occasion, the Board of Management, teachers and children emphasized the importance of adapting it into a regular routine by doing various asanas of yoga. The students did yoga under the guidance of teachers Kileshwari Patel and Fenu Tandon. On this occasion, Principal Jharna Sahu said that the aim of yoga is to bring about holistic development of our life. Vice-principal Deepika Yadav told that doing yoga calms the mind. Yoga is a good muscle exercise. Yoga is a boon both physically and mentally. Yoga relieves stress. Manoj Sahu, Uday Gangoi, Khemchand Janji, Fenu Tandon, Renuka Sahu, Kileshwari Patel, Padmini Sahu, Durga Yadav, Jamuna Banjare and all the students were present on this occasion.

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