Yoga is invaluable gift of ancient Indian tradition and culture: Ranjana Sahu

Publish Date: | Fri, 24 Jun 2022 01:51 AM (IST)

Dhamtari (v). International Yoga Day was celebrated with enthusiasm. More than 150 people of the district did yoga here. On this occasion, under the joint aegis of Nehru Yuva Kendra, Bharat Swabhiman Trust, Freedom Physical Training Center, Youth India, Blood Donation Group Dhamtari, Pace Academy, Chhattisgarh Yoga Association, in Dhamtari district, organized a huge Yoga Utsav 2022 at Rudreshwar Mahadev Ghat premises, Rudri Dhamtari. Gone.

In the program Dhamtari MLA Ranjana Deependra Sahu said that the present is the era of yoga. Today India’s yoga science is becoming popular all over the world, Modi, the successful prime minister of our country, is himself a yogi. We all should do yoga everyday so that a healthy society can be built. The practice of yoga provides unity of body, mind, thought and action, self-control and perfection, and harmony between man and nature.

The newly elected president of District Sahu Samaj Dhamtari, Avanendra Sahu said that yoga teachers Naveen Meshram and Gopeshwar Sahu made everyone do yoga. Yoga helps in achieving not only physical but also good mental health. The above-mentioned consciousness and power are also obtained for nurturing and developing mental powers. The stage was conducted by Gitesh Prajapati. Bhupendra Manikpuri, Bhojendra Kumar Sahu, Lukeshwar Sahu, Haresh Sahu, Deepak Sen, Utkal Prakash Sinha, Rupendra Ganjeer, Deependra Sahu, Bhagwat Sahu, Lalit Chaudhary, Yadavendra Sahu, Rameshwar Yadav, Mithilesh Sahu, Ved Prakash Sinha and others were present in the program.

Yoga Day celebrated in Unique English School

Belergaon. Yoga Day was celebrated at Unique Reed English School, Belergaon. In which school director Divyansh Chopra, Gopal Singh Sahu told about the removal of diseases of the body through yoga and pranayama and always being healthy. All the teachers, all the students were present in the event.

Yoga Day celebrated in Government Umawi Biretra

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Dhamtari (v). On the occasion of International Yoga Day, Yoga Day was celebrated in Government Umawi Biretra. Yoga was done under the guidance of school principal Gevaram Netam and under the guidance of exercise teacher Ashwani Kumar Patkar. In the yoga program, Leena, Varsha, Pushpa, Hema, Dalima, Thaneshwar, Surya Prakash, Meghraj performed yoga on behalf of the students. The students collectively followed this and did yoga. In the end, Principal Gevaram Netam and Senior Lecturer Khilesh Kumar Sahu elaborated on the importance of Yoga, its benefits and the role of International Yoga Day. Lecturers Chovaram Chandrakar, Jaswant Singh Raghuvanshi, Khedi Sahu, D Sangeeta Rao, Kamlesh Tiwari, exercise teacher Ashwani Kumar Patkar, science assistant Duleshwar Sahu, Egan Sahu and others were present on this occasion. The program was conducted by Rohit Kumar Sahu, Senior Lecturer of the institution.

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